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We've actually been holding hands since 2010. Our founder Alison Grieve first developed patented hand holding technology for the food service industry. A former events manager, Alison came up with the idea for a fold-away hand grip on the underside of service trays after witnessing a spectacular accident involving a tray toppling over at an important function. The famous non-toppling Safetray emerged and is now used in twenty countries around the world. From salsa bars in Puerto Rico to sushi restaurants in Dubai; from the Sofitel in Lyon to The Famous Spiegeltent on its global tour - our first love now serves the world's glitterati, socialites, foodies and holiday makers.

The big G-Hold idea

Whilst on Safetray's global tour, Alison decided to keep her finger firmly on the tech pulse and purchased an iPad. Finding that this seemingly mobile piece of kit was somewhat awkward to hold, Alison Googled that exact term - 'awkward to hold'.

Google’s number one suggestion? ‘iPad awkward to hold’.




A flurry of prototyping activity took place (glue, plastic, felt, paper clips and even a Christmas tree clothes peg) and – bingo! - a new love affair began.

The G-Hold® has rapidly developed into a multi-purpose handhold that can be placed onto any type of tablet or reader, big or small – making your mobile computing devices truly mobile.

Whether taking photos, typing on the move, watching TV in bed or presenting to an audience, the G-Hold® creates a comfortable partnership between your hand and your beloved device. It’s a relationship based on trust – and you can trust that the G-Hold® will never let you down… and never let your tablet drop down.

As the G-Hold’s fanbase grows, all sorts of other potential uses have emerged - watch this space.

Our mission? To change the way the world holds things.

We’re on a mission to change the way the world holds things.
— Alison Grieve, CEO and inventor

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