Relax. Hold your tablet with ease.

G-Hold is a comfortable and ergonomic handhold that makes viewing easier, prevents drop risk and reduces strain on your hand and wrist.
It’s also manufactured, assembled and hand finished in the UK.

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Rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing in portrait or landscape mode.

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Folds Flat

Lightweight, ultra-slim holder folds flat for storage & sleek design.

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Universally compatible

Works with any tablet or reader!

Ergonomically Tested

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Research conducted by the biomechanics laboratory at the University of the West of Scotland proved that G-Hold greatly reduces the strain on the carpal tunnel and related muscles.


“No more awkward holding of my tablet, worrying I'll drop it and break my screen! This product is so easy to use, is super comfortable and lightweight and stops the usual ‘hand-ache’ from holding a tablet.”
- Sinead

“It is such a comfortable way to hold a tablet. It just makes sense. I also love the way you can spin it so that your tablet can be landscape or portrait.”
- Charis

“The G-hold is great for reading or typing on a tablet either in bed or outside. I find taking photos so much easier using the G-hold and is now a must for my holiday accessories.”
- Frances

“Exactly what I was looking for to safely hold my iPad pro when giving presentations at work. 5/5 from me.”
- Ian