How to attach your G-Hold to your Microsoft Surface

How to change the clip on your G-Hold


1. Line up the inner and outer notches on the rim of your G-Hold


2. Carefully insert something strong and thin, such as a paperclip, between the inner notch and the base of your G-Hold

photo 3.JPG

3. Gently turn the clip plate around within the outer rim, using the paperclip as a lever to lift the inner rim above and out of the outer rim.


4. Continue to turn the clip plate around - you should not have to apply much pressure for the clip plate to unscrew from the base.


5. The clip plate will pop free from the base. 

photo 3.JPG

6. Release the clip and insert the new one.


7. Line up the notches on the outer and inner rims and screw the clip plate back into the base.


8. Keep turning the clip plate until it slides completely back inside the base.


9. Your G-Hold is ready to use.