G-Hold wins Innovation of the Year at the Knowledge Exchange Awards 2019

It was a big night for G-Hold as we took home the award for Innovation of the Year at the Knowledge Exchange awards for proving the ergonomic benefits of G-Hold through our study with the University of the West of Scotland! Thank you to the judges, the Interface team, and to Dr. U. Chris Ugbolue from the University of the West of Scotland.


See the full winners list on the Insider article here.

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G-Hold shortlisted for Innovation of the Year at 4th Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards

Applications were received across six categories for the awards, organised by Interface to recognise, reward and celebrate impacts achieved through collaborative business and academic partnerships.


The judges commented on the high calibre of applications - the finalists represent eight Scottish universities and more than 50 businesses.

The full shortlist is available to view here.

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G-Hold feature on What Mobile - Ergonomics: not just a buzzword

With the patented G-Hold® in your hand, you can move around the workplace and home with the freedom to create and collaborate, present and learn, without fear of dropping your tablet. For ten years G-Hold® has studied the science of holding, resulting in a tablet holder that not only enhances the user experience but protects the hand and wrist from strain.

Trisha edited 2.jpg

See the full review on the What Mobile website here.

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G-Hold strikes deal with Amazon

The deal means that consumers who buy the Amazon Fire will be shown the G-hold tablet holder product and given the opportunity to buy it.

The Scottish inventor of the G-Hold tablet holder has struck a deal with Amazon for her company to be an accessory partner of the major global website.

The deal means that consumers who buy the Amazon Fire will be shown the G-hold tablet holder product and given the opportunity to buy it.

The deal with Amazon follows those with the Home Shopping Network on TV, Microsoft and Apple.

Find out more in the Insider article here.

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The science behind G-Hold, with a little help from our friends at Interface

After developing G-Hold, our CEO Alison wanted to obtain scientific data proving G-Hold’s ergonomic attributes in preventing injury and to evaluate its overall performance. She was keen to understand more about the muscles around the carpal tunnel in the wrist used when tablet users grip their devices as opposed to using the G-Hold.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.59.43.png

The academic expertise needed for this project lay in the area of Biomechanics. It involved the understanding of how human biology and mechanical devices can be developed to work in harmony so that the experience is comfortable, flexible and efficient without producing any adverse strain type side effects.

Interface put Alison in touch with a range of relevant academics from Scotland’s universities who were keen to investigate the ergonomic benefits of G-hold in reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries for heavy users of electronic devices.

Through support from Interface, Alison was successfully matched and chose to collaborate with Dr. Ukadike Chris Ugbolue from the University of the West of Scotland, within the Institute for Clinical Exercise & Health Science to carry out a technical feasibility study on G-Hold, evaluating its performance and examining the effect on the arm, wrist and hand of users.

University of the West of Scotland has expertise available from the Institute of Clinical Exercise and Health Science (ICEHS). The Institute comprises the Centre for Clinical Exercise & Rehabilitative Science and the Sports Academy and is involved in research areas related to exercise science.

ergonomics of tablet use.JPG

With strong interests in ergonomics and bioinstrumentation, Dr. Ugbolue was a perfect match for this project.

The resulting data was so powerful that it was translated into the above image for prospective customers to understand more easily. This graphic was used in the marketing materials and during the ErgoExpo in Las Vegas, catching the eye of both Apple and Microsoft.

G-Hold would never have been able to afford the type of equipment needed to analyse these muscle groups without the support of Interface introducing us to the University of the West of Scotland. The results were crucial in proving our ergonomic benefits to customers, particularly in the US where large organisations are especially careful to protect their employees from risk of ergonomic or muscular skeletal complaints.

Thank you to Interface, Dr. U Chris Ugbolue and the University of West of Scotland!

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Does the Budget do enough for exporters?

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.53.46.png

Our CEO and inventor Alison Grieve spoke with the Herald about The Budget announcement as it contained measures that could provide real help for G-Hold, but she was disappointed it fell short in at least one key area.

Find out more in the Herald article here.

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What happens when your biggest customer is in the eye of a hurricane?

Used under a  Creative Commons  license. Image credit:  Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

Used under a Creative Commons license. Image credit: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

Our CEO and inventor Alison Grieve spoke to Insider about the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and its Florida headquarters, which were right in the path of Hurricane Irma.

"Last week we were glued to our tablet screens as the news reports of historically powerful Hurricane Irma came through thick and fast.

We have many personal friends on the East Coast, across Florida and over to Charleston.

I video called our friend Kelly, who had joined me just the other week at the ErgoExpo in Vegas.

Emergency alerts had pinged on our phones to warn us of flash flooding – an occurrence almost unheard of in Vegas but linked to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Now she was back in Charleston, huddled in the hallway with her dog, boyfriend, bedding and three suitcases filled with their most valuable possessions as a tornado ripped through a highway just two miles away from them.

The unpredictable Irma took a turn away from its forecast path shortly before the weekend. Instead of a sweep across the Eastern side of Florida and onto Georgia and the Carolinas, Irma swept slightly west, gaining in strength, and heading directly for St Pete, over the water from Tampa.

Why was this particularly concerning for G-Hold? Because our largest customer, HSN, is right bang in the middle of St Pete."

Read the full story here.


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Which digital big player is joining G-Hold?

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 16.08.14.png

Jim Williams, general manager for UK and Europe with digital accessory provider Cygnett, has joined tablet support manufacturer G-Hold as managing director.

Williams, whose career in senior sales and business development roles includes spells with Cancom, SmarkDisc Corporation and Cross Border Associates, joined Australian-based Cygnett in 2012 as business development and sales manager for Europe.

Read the full story at Insider here


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The Herald profiles G-Hold inventor and CEO, Alison Grieve

Alison, our CEO and inventor, was profiled by The Herald newspaper. Read the full story here.

Here are some of our favourite bits:

"What does [your company] produce?

We design and manufacture ergonomic handholds for iPads, tablets and any other handheld devices. We also produce Safetrays, a more mature product range, which are non-toppling trays for the foodservice industry.

To whom does it sell?

We sell the G-Holds to a real mixture of tablet users. Our biggest customer is the Home Shopping Network in the USA, but we're now on the Scottish Government Framework for schools across Scotland. We also sell to global banks, healthcare services and thousands of other users who need their tablets in everyday life and work. Our celebrity users include Suzi Perry.

What is its turnover?

We have forecast £400,000 this year and we're on track to be ahead of that target.


What could the Westminster and/or Scottish governments do that would help?

I'm meeting with the Deputy First Minister to discuss an idea I have for an import/export project for twelve year olds. We have organisations in California who would like to get involved. Creating a culture of international entrepreneurship is something I believe could and should begin at school.

What was the most valuable lesson that you learned?

I learned to be grateful for what I have when things go wrong, and grateful for what I have when things go right. I also learned that the greatest advantage in business is to be underestimated.

I always get a lot out of meeting business people who have achieved significant success.

I felt honoured to have had the opportunity to meet the dragons when I appeared on the Dragons Den television show recently. You're in the Den for over two hours so there's a lot which has to be cut for the final airing. Many of the comments I felt were best and most useful didn't make it onto the show but the overall result has been a fantastic boost to our online sales and exposure to many people we would not have otherwise reached. I've also been so touched by the many messages of support following the show.

How do you relax?

I love anytime I spend just hanging out with my twin boys and my partner Denny. A good walk up a Munro is also fantastic to clear the mind. And music is the very best of medicines for the soul."

Read the full story on the Herald website here.

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360º video - Team G-Hold reacts to Alison in the Den

Watch Team G-Hold's reaction in 360 Video to our first viewing of Dragons' Den last Sunday (Gogglebox style). Here's how to get the full experience:

1) Make sure you use the YouTube app

2) You'll need to view on an iOS or Android device

3) Copy and paste this link into the app's search bar: https://youtu.be/CYOXTBUQJt4

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Global success story slips through Dragons' grasp

A Scottish entrepreneur who entered the Dragons' Den (Sunday, Sept 4th) has joined the ranks of success stories that got away.

Alison Grieve, from Edinburgh, is a multi award-winning inventor on a mission to change the way the world holds things. On Sunday night she presented the Dragons with her most recent product, the G-Hold: an ergonomic holder that attaches to tablets and other devices, enabling users to comfortably and securely hold their mobile technology.

The Dragons declared themselves 'out', but Alison has watched the sales flood in, bringing in revenue of £150,000 since filming took place, double the amount she had looked to raise in the Den. Her company has scaled up rapidly, moving to larger premises in August and increasing its assembly team, based in Scotland, to produce the 10,000 G-Holds required monthly to meet demand. The growth stems partly from the product's success on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) in the US, but also from large tablet rollouts in education, healthcare and corporate sectors.

"I am very grateful to have experienced the Den and would do it all again," Alison said. "Of course, it's much easier to say that from the context of our recent successes but having been on this journey for seven years, I knew I would take positives away from meeting the Dragons regardless of what happened next."

Alison first started developing patented 'handholding' technology in 2010 for the foodservice industry, launching a range of non-toppling trays, branded Safetray. A former waitress, Alison came up with her first invention after witnessing a spectacular accident involving a tray of champagne glasses toppling over at an important function.

"Our mission has always been to broaden the use of our handholding technology across multiple industries and applications. Once we had proven our concept, we saw a massive opportunity to develop new technology for mobile devices. And with almost a billion tablets having shipped since the launch of the first iPad, we are now reaping the rewards of that decision."

The ergonomic benefits of the G-Hold have been validated by various muscular skeletal experts:

"The last few years have seen a significant rise in the number of kids with neck and back pain, which clinicians increasingly put down to the use of hand-held devices," explains Gavin Routledge, Vice Patron of the British School of Osteopathy. "The G-Hold design ensures that it massively reduces the strain on neck, shoulder, arm and hand; making for pain-free use of tablets."

The G-Hold is already being used across 100 schools in Aberdeenshire, Apple Distinguished Programme CalStateTEACH and most recently tech solution company XMA, feeding into the Scottish Government National Framework for Tablet Devices in Education. The company anticipates G-Holds fast becoming a standard part of the tablet tool kits provided across Scottish schools and further afield.

Aside from its health benefits, the brand has also been growing in 'cool factor' with celebrity users including former Gadget Show presenter Suzi Perry, Grammy award winning Gregory Porter, Scotland’s rugby team coaches and physios and sports presenter Lee McKenzie.

Alison is currently in Berlin at the IFA consumer electronics trade fair and intends to capitalise on the rise of augmented reality (AR), with games such as Pokémon Go and 360 degree videos creating greater need for handholding technology.

"My prediction is that AR will soon be a part of everyday tablet usage, particularly in education where traditional text books can come alive, engaging children in learning like never before. The G-Hold supports that experience physically, comfortably placing the whole world in your hand."

The G-Hold is available for sale online and in various retail outlets in the UK, Europe and the US. More information about Alison and the product can be found at www.g-hold.com.

Issued by Pagoda Porter Novelli on behalf of G-Hold. Media Contact: Barbara Fraser on 0131 556 0770, Barbara.fraser@pagodapr.com

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Ergonomic seal of approval for G-Hold

Gavin Routledge, Clinic Director and Osteopath at ActiveX Backs, joined Chartered Physiotherapist David Bowmaker of LifeFit Wellness in recommending G-Hold to his clients.

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the number of kids with neck and back pain, which clinicians increasingly put down to the use of hand-held devices. Adults are also struggling with more neck and shoulder and RSI type problems. The G-Hold is so simple and yet will have such a huge impact on addressing this problem that I think it should be built into tablets. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it; you’ll love it. The design ensures that it massively reduces the strain on neck, shoulder, arm and hand; making for pain-free use of your beloved tablet.
— Gavin Routledge, Clinic Director and Osteopath, ActiveX Backs

G-Hold is available to purchase from his Edinburgh clinic, www.active-x.co.uk

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G-Hold launches on the Home Shopping Network in the USA

G-Hold made its home shopping debut on HSN today, featuring as part of their Electronic Connection with Aaron Berger. Even if you're not in America, wherever you are in the world you can watch online at http://www.hsn.com/watch/live?network=1. You can also buy direct from them online here.


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Turn over a new leaf with G-Hold at Blackwell's Holborn

London calling for G-Hold, as we get a fresh spring display at Blackwell's Holborn. Make sure you pop in and pick one up for all those breezy, sunny days in the park with your Kindle or Nook.

50-51 High Holborn,
London WC1V 6EP
Phone: 020 7292 5100



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Revolutionary tablet holder grabs grip on market - G-Hold featured in The Herald newspaper

G-Hold inventor Alison Grieve features in an article about G-Hold in today's Herald newspaper. You can read the full article on their website, but here are some highlights:

"A space themed-range of G-Holds is now available to buy at the Glasgow Science Centre and at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, while other versions are on sale in the Scottish Parliament shop and through Amazon.

"This month a version of the hold emblazoned with the Glasgow University logo has been put on sale, in honour of the 50th anniversary of Ms Grieve’s knighted grandfather – Sir Robert Grieve – taking up the university’s first professorship of town and regional planning.

“'There is still a dissertation prize at the university that bears my grandfather's name,' said Ms Grieve. 'I'm sure he would like to see the Grieve family's connection to the university continue through the generations.'"




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G-Hold at the CabSat 2016 show in Dubai

The lovely Vislink team tweeted this picture of their bespoke G-Hold in use on their stand at CabSat, the leading platform for the broadcast, production, content delivery, digital media and satellite sectors across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Head to their booth, ZB1-20, in the Dubai World Trade Center to see HEROCast in action - the smallest and lightest wireless broadcast solution yet.

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