Micro suction and G-Hold: the inside story

Last year we came across an exciting new material that could stick things together without using glue. As Alison was building prototypes of what would become the G-Hold at the time, she wanted to try it out, and we tracked down a supplier, Futation. They specialise in cutting edge materials, and import micro suction material into Europe from manufacturers in Japan.

When Alison experimented with it and learned about its properties, she knew that we needed to produce a G-Hold that integrated this new technology. Strong enough across 111mm (the dimension of a G-Hold) to support even the heaviest tablet, and with a clean, sleek appearance, micro suction partners beautifully with our tablet grips.

To find out more about one of our favourite futuristic materials, you can read up here on Futation's dedicated material sample site. And don't forget that G-Hold Micro Suctions are available to buy at the special, reduced launch price of £18 for a limited time on eBay via our friends at StyleHAC.com - click here to get your hands on one.

Posted by Caroline Whitham.