G-Hold has done it!

The last 42 days have been more intense than we ever could have imagined, but G-Hold's done it, with 3 days left to go. If you visit our Kickstarter page here you will see that we have reached our £10,000 goal, which means that all our lovely backers will be getting their hands on their rewards in April. 

The Kickstarter is still open for another 3 days, finishing early in the morning on Valentine's Day, so there's still time to pledge. You'll be safe in the knowledge that your innovative MegaStick, MicroSuction, Leather iPad Mini case or Leather iPad case will be winging its way to you hot off the production line.

We can't thank all of our supporters enough, as all your donations, whether of time, love, money or help, have brought us to this point. We are currently filming a video, working title 'Five Curious Ways to Celebrate a Successful Kickstarter', so look out for that coming soon.


Posted by Caroline Whitham.