G-Hold featured in Middle East Hospital magazine

Hot on the heels of the wonderful testimonial from chartered physiotherapist David Bowmaker (watch the video here), G-Hold has been featured in Middle East Hospital magazine, the definitive guide to hospitals and healthcare in the Middle East. G-Hold's ergonomic benefits make it ideal for use in hospitals and other healthcare environments, as it helps to prevent musculo-skeletal disorders caused by long term gripping of tablets. 

Middle East Hospital spoke to inventor and CEO Alison Grieve about G-Hold:

Can you tell us a bit about G-Hold and your products?
G-Holds (www.g-hold.com) are award-winning, ergonomic handholds for portable devices, such as tablets, readers and mobile POS systems. All GHolds rotate 360˜, fold flat when not in use and can be stuck to the back of devices or cases either permanently (with the G-Hold Megastick) or repeatedly (with the G-Hold Micro Suction).

Can you give us an overview of your particular field of expertise and background of the company?
As I attended trade shows frequently with the Safetray, I bought a tablet for the convenience of working on the move. Finding it somewhat awkward, and nervous that I might drop it whilst on the move, I decided to come up with a new invention for tablets, using all the knowledge I had gained about the ergonomics of hands. That was how G-Hold was born. The G-Hold has been particularly well-received by professional users in healthcare, education and retail. It has even made a few appearances on Formula 1, with BBC presenter Suzi Perry using it live when covering the British Grand Prix!

What is your remit and why are you interested in the Arab Health Market?
Having conducted business in the Middle East with the Safetray, we know what an exciting and vibrant market it is. We were already aware of the significant investment going into healthcare in the region, particularly in Saudi, and, after having success in healthcare back in the UK, we decided it was a natural market for the G-Hold.

Posted by Caroline Whitham.