now read on... with G-Hold at Blackwell's

It's almost the summer holidays, and the G-Holders are planning our beach reading. I (Caroline) am hoping to finally get around to the latest Haruki Murakami book (I'm all about the colours). 

Whatever you're planning to load up on to your e-reader or tablet this summer, you'll be able to hold your device comfortably and keep it sand-free with a G-Hold, now available to buy in Blackwell's South Bridge branch. You can even match your handhold to your beach towel, thanks to our bright and beautiful Pop colours range.

Visit Blackwell's website here for more information and opening hours.

G-Hold Megastick will attach permanently to the rear of any device or case, while G-Hold Micro Suction loves smooth surfaces and can be removed and reattached without leaving a mark. However, thanks to our nifty, included compatibility sticker, you can adapt any firm, textured surface to take a Micro Suction, as well. 

Blackwell's South Bridge, 53-62 South Bridge, Edinburgh, Tel: 0131 622 8222,

Posted by Caroline Whitham.