Ever drop a tablet? You need a G-Hold

"If you are like me, you have dropped your share of devices. While that may not be too big of a problem for phones if you have a sturdy case, as you start to climb up the device ladder – in both size and cost – to tablets, it becomes more of a problem. If you have ever dropped, or worried about dropping a tablet, or if you want more mobility while using a tablet, consider the G-Hold.

The G-Hold is the brainchild of Scottish inventor, Alison Grieve. Way back in 2009, Grieve invented the Safetray (right), a hospitality tray with a clip beneath it to slide your fingers through, which creates a friction and safe balance. The Safetray is really the inspiration behind the G-Hold, and is a natural progression. The G-Hold employs the same exact clipping mechanism, and is really a Safetray for a tablet.

Although the G-Hold is not yet available for purchase, Grieve told us that they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the very near future. Also you can find Grieve and the G-Hold at CES at LVCC, South Hall 4 – 35577."

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Posted by Caroline Whitham.