Pimp your 'pad - G-Hold reviewed on Travgear

Jamie Carter at TravGear.com has written a review of G-Hold and given us an absolute gift of a phrase - 'pimp your 'pad' - love it! Click below to  read the full review.

"If you’re like Suzi Perry and can’t do anything without an iPad in your hands, the G-Hold Micro Suction is for you. A lightweight plastic stick-on clasp that allows an iPad to be securely held in one hand, it makes hanging around with a tablet that much easier. It’s simple, ingenious stuff; you stick the 4.5-inch diameter G-Hold Micro Suction to the back of any tablet, extend the slide-able clasp and slide in between your index and middle fingers. The whole thing even rotates through 360 degrees, too."

Jamie Alex Carter, TravGear.com

Posted by Caroline Whitham.