G-Hold simplifies travel - good thing, since the G-Holders are off around the world again

Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, aka US wine and travel experts the World Wine Guys, have chosen G-Hold as one of their favourite 'small things that simplify travel' in their latest Huffington Post article. 

Mike and Jeff write:
"In the search for the perfect intersection of size and functionality, we have located some pint-sized pieces that overcompensate for their diminutive dimensions.

"Whether you are taking a photo, reading in transit, or presenting in a board room, you can keep a firm hand on your tablet ... It rotates 360° to change viewing angles, and folds flat to fit in a case or sleeve."

Read the full article over at the Huffington Post here.

G-Holder Alison is in the USA at the moment and sent us back this brilliant image of Lady Liberty herself (next to her sister - Duchess of Liberty?) holding a G-Hold in New York. 


Checking the ferry schedule

Checking the ferry schedule

Posted by Caroline Whitham.