G-Hold featured in Middle East Hospital magazine

Hot on the heels of the wonderful testimonial from chartered physiotherapist David Bowmaker (watch the video here), G-Hold has been featured in Middle East Hospital magazine, the definitive guide to hospitals and healthcare in the Middle East. G-Hold's ergonomic benefits make it ideal for use in hospitals and other healthcare environments, as it helps to prevent musculo-skeletal disorders caused by long term gripping of tablets. 

Middle East Hospital spoke to inventor and CEO Alison Grieve about G-Hold:

Can you tell us a bit about G-Hold and your products?
G-Holds (www.g-hold.com) are award-winning, ergonomic handholds for portable devices, such as tablets, readers and mobile POS systems. All GHolds rotate 360˜, fold flat when not in use and can be stuck to the back of devices or cases either permanently (with the G-Hold Megastick) or repeatedly (with the G-Hold Micro Suction).

Can you give us an overview of your particular field of expertise and background of the company?
As I attended trade shows frequently with the Safetray, I bought a tablet for the convenience of working on the move. Finding it somewhat awkward, and nervous that I might drop it whilst on the move, I decided to come up with a new invention for tablets, using all the knowledge I had gained about the ergonomics of hands. That was how G-Hold was born. The G-Hold has been particularly well-received by professional users in healthcare, education and retail. It has even made a few appearances on Formula 1, with BBC presenter Suzi Perry using it live when covering the British Grand Prix!

What is your remit and why are you interested in the Arab Health Market?
Having conducted business in the Middle East with the Safetray, we know what an exciting and vibrant market it is. We were already aware of the significant investment going into healthcare in the region, particularly in Saudi, and, after having success in healthcare back in the UK, we decided it was a natural market for the G-Hold.

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Get a Grip

New Design magazine profiled G-Hold's inventor, Alison Grieve, and gives some exciting insight into how the design and production processes worked.

Alistair Welch speaks to inventor and entrepreneur Alison Grieve about what’s involved in taking a product from idea through to manufacture

There is no doubting the popularity of tablet computers. In work, rest, and play the tablet has reached the mainstream. However, inventor and entrepreneur Alison Grieve believes that she has spotted a gap in the market. Whilst we might love watching Netflix on our iPad or reading a bestseller on our Kindle, holding these devices comfortably for any length of time can be problematic. Grieve’s suspicions that there was a need for a product that improved the experience of holding a tablet was backed up by some ‘Google market research’. When she entered ‘awkward to hold’ into the search engine both ‘iPad’ and ‘Kindle’ were amongst the top four suggestions.

This was the origin of the ‘G-Hold’ – a multi-purpose hand-hold that can be placed onto any type of tablet or reader to improve the user’s comfort when holding the device. The G-Hold is available in a ‘Megastick’ version that attaches permanently to a tablet and a ‘Micro Suction’ version that uses nanosuction technology to allow the device to be removed and re-used again and again. Leather cases for the iPad and iPad Mini featuring an integrated G-Hold are also available.

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G-Hold inventor interviewed by Wireless Dealer Magazine

CEO and inventor Alison Grieve of Safetray Products Ltd is interviewed by Michelle James from Wireless Dealer Magazine about her latest innovation, the G-Hold for tablet computers. The interview is focused on cellphones and mobiles, so Alison shows how the G-Hold could be used on an iPhone, as well as the wonders of the micro suction backing.

Michelle James: Hi, this is Michelle James with Wireless Dealer Magazine, reporting live from CES 2014, and today we have with us an inventor. We have Alison Grieve of G-Hold, and they've brought a very cool project that they are looking to crowdfund through Kickstarter. Tell us a little bit about your product.

Alison Grieve: So this is the G-Hold, it's a product that stacks completely flat so it can fit into standard cases if it's a tablet, or on to your phone. You fit it between your fingers, and then it sticks but not permanently, it can come away again, but it's very, very durable. It's got micro suction on the back of it, and it can really take quite a pounding. It can be stuck on to your phone, or it can be stuck on to the back of your tablet, and it makes it very easy to hold.

MJ: So this one piece is strong enough to hold a tablet?

AG: Absolutely, yes. Even the last two versions of the iPad, which are really quite heavy, it holds them perfectly well, it can be upside-down, it's incredible material, micro suction.

MJ: Awesome! And for our viewers, how can we find more information about G-Hold and about how your crowdfunding goes?

AG: Well, we are on Kickstarter, live right now, and there are four versions that you can get. You can either get the MegaStick, which sticks permanently on to devices, or you can get the Micro Suction version, which is this version, or you can get tablet cases. But certainly for your viewers and readers, the Micro Suction seems to be the popular one. There's an early bird version of the Micro Suction on Kickstarter for around $23.

MJ: So if I make a pledge for $23 dollars I'll be on the beta test for the product?

AG: Exactly. You would get the first production run of the G-Hold.

MJ: Excellent! Thank you so much for visiting us today.

AG: Thank you.

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Mum serves up new tech control grip

Mum serves up new tech control grip

Edinburgh-based mother-turned inventor Alison Grieve is looking to fund her latest invention from concept to market through crowdfunding.

Grieve, who invented Safetray - a retractable and stackable grip system for serving trays - has taken the concept further with a product aimed at the tablet computer market, called G-Hold.

Loosely based on the same design concept as Safetray, the G-Hold is a retractable and rotatable device that uses micro suction material.

She has now turned to crowdfunding with a target of £10,000, to take development of G-Hold to its first manufacturing run.

The product is already 79% funded with rewards on offer including cut-price early versions of the technology.

If the crowdfunding target is met, tooling for G-Hold is expected to be completed by March 2014.

Grieve said, "It is a scary thing to enter the world of technology and crowdfunding when my original invention was more traditional in how it is funded.

"But it's been really heartwarming to receive emails and pledges from so many people who immediately get the concept."

The closing date for the funding drive is Friday, February 14.


Picture credit Paul Bancks

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