What happens when your biggest customer is in the eye of a hurricane?

Used under a  Creative Commons  license. Image credit:  Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

Used under a Creative Commons license. Image credit: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

Our CEO and inventor Alison Grieve spoke to Insider about the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and its Florida headquarters, which were right in the path of Hurricane Irma.

"Last week we were glued to our tablet screens as the news reports of historically powerful Hurricane Irma came through thick and fast.

We have many personal friends on the East Coast, across Florida and over to Charleston.

I video called our friend Kelly, who had joined me just the other week at the ErgoExpo in Vegas.

Emergency alerts had pinged on our phones to warn us of flash flooding – an occurrence almost unheard of in Vegas but linked to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Now she was back in Charleston, huddled in the hallway with her dog, boyfriend, bedding and three suitcases filled with their most valuable possessions as a tornado ripped through a highway just two miles away from them.

The unpredictable Irma took a turn away from its forecast path shortly before the weekend. Instead of a sweep across the Eastern side of Florida and onto Georgia and the Carolinas, Irma swept slightly west, gaining in strength, and heading directly for St Pete, over the water from Tampa.

Why was this particularly concerning for G-Hold? Because our largest customer, HSN, is right bang in the middle of St Pete."

Read the full story here.


Posted by Caroline Whitham.

The Herald profiles G-Hold inventor and CEO, Alison Grieve

Alison, our CEO and inventor, was profiled by The Herald newspaper. Read the full story here.

Here are some of our favourite bits:

"What does [your company] produce?

We design and manufacture ergonomic handholds for iPads, tablets and any other handheld devices. We also produce Safetrays, a more mature product range, which are non-toppling trays for the foodservice industry.

To whom does it sell?

We sell the G-Holds to a real mixture of tablet users. Our biggest customer is the Home Shopping Network in the USA, but we're now on the Scottish Government Framework for schools across Scotland. We also sell to global banks, healthcare services and thousands of other users who need their tablets in everyday life and work. Our celebrity users include Suzi Perry.

What is its turnover?

We have forecast £400,000 this year and we're on track to be ahead of that target.


What could the Westminster and/or Scottish governments do that would help?

I'm meeting with the Deputy First Minister to discuss an idea I have for an import/export project for twelve year olds. We have organisations in California who would like to get involved. Creating a culture of international entrepreneurship is something I believe could and should begin at school.

What was the most valuable lesson that you learned?

I learned to be grateful for what I have when things go wrong, and grateful for what I have when things go right. I also learned that the greatest advantage in business is to be underestimated.

I always get a lot out of meeting business people who have achieved significant success.

I felt honoured to have had the opportunity to meet the dragons when I appeared on the Dragons Den television show recently. You're in the Den for over two hours so there's a lot which has to be cut for the final airing. Many of the comments I felt were best and most useful didn't make it onto the show but the overall result has been a fantastic boost to our online sales and exposure to many people we would not have otherwise reached. I've also been so touched by the many messages of support following the show.

How do you relax?

I love anytime I spend just hanging out with my twin boys and my partner Denny. A good walk up a Munro is also fantastic to clear the mind. And music is the very best of medicines for the soul."

Read the full story on the Herald website here.

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G-Hold inventor Alison Grieve interviewed by The Sun

sun article 250216.png

G-Hold's inventor Alison was interviewed by The Sun newspaper, who have dubbed her "Scotland's answer to Joy," after Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop played on screen by Jennifer Lawrence.

Alison talked really honestly about difficult times with the business and overcoming challenges as an inventor and as a mum, to see G-Hold used by Suzi Perry on Formula 1 and about to be featured on the Home Shopping Network in the USA. You can read the full article on the Sun's website.


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G-Hold on the show floor at MWC 16

G-Hold is at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona all this week, where we've been rubbing shoulders with the best new tech from around the world, and flying the flag at the SDI booth. Tomorrow is the last show of the day, so make sure you come along and say hello - we're in Hall 7 at Stand 7B31.

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New testimonial for G-Hold

We just had to share this brilliant customer feedback that we just received.

"I just wanted to pass on a little story to you...

On Saturday I was watching the Grand Prix and noticed Suzi Perry was using a novel way of holding her iPad securely. Clearly this made presenting much easier, and “ding" I thought, as the lightbulb flashed on in my head. I could do with one of those, so the hunt began.

I placed my order Sat night and by Tuesday it had arrived. I made the simple attachment and there it was, the solution. No more trying to fold geometric shapes to make a stand or leaning against books or inadvertently tapping on the side of the screen whilst moving it and losing whatever was that I was trying to view.

"There it was, the solution."

Anyhow, the purpose of this email is to pass on some positive feedback to your company. I love the G-Hold, it's simple, stylish and very, very functional. Great design with an efficient service, and also its encouraging to see that you are a British company investing in British manufacturing.

I now see a wider use within my business arena and I am in the process of demonstrating the benefits of G-Hold to other partners within my organisation The fact that you are able to brand this product has ensured an even more positive response and a good uptake.

Love your work, have a great weekend."

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G-Hold's interplanetary adventure

We can't help hearing 'Across the Universe' by the Beatles playing in our heads as we announce the launch of our newest G-Hold designs. Shoot through the Solar System and meet the Moon, Neptune and the true planet of love, Pluto with its heart-shaped dimple, before landing back on Earth. We also have Newton's Theory of Universal Gravitation, which makes all this interplanetary travel possible. 

The new G-Hold Science range is available to buy on our Shop page here, and is available to buy now in Our Dynamic Earth and the Glasgow Science Centre. 

G-Holds at Our Dynamic Earth

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Suzi Perry and G-Hold at the British Grand Prix

Suzi Perry with G-Hold at British Grand Prix

Fans of Formula 1 will have seen presenter Suzi Perry using her iPad with a rather distinctive handhold device at the British Grand Prix. From qualifying to the nail-biting race itself, Suzi's tablet was at her side - thanks to her trusty G-Hold. 

Suzi, alongside teammates Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard chatted with Nigel Mansell, Valtteri Bottas and lots of other racing legends. Below is a gallery of some of the highlights, including the team beside Lewis Hamilton's winning car and the ultimate British F1 trophy. 

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Pimp your 'pad - G-Hold reviewed on Travgear

Jamie Carter at TravGear.com has written a review of G-Hold and given us an absolute gift of a phrase - 'pimp your 'pad' - love it! Click below to  read the full review.

"If you’re like Suzi Perry and can’t do anything without an iPad in your hands, the G-Hold Micro Suction is for you. A lightweight plastic stick-on clasp that allows an iPad to be securely held in one hand, it makes hanging around with a tablet that much easier. It’s simple, ingenious stuff; you stick the 4.5-inch diameter G-Hold Micro Suction to the back of any tablet, extend the slide-able clasp and slide in between your index and middle fingers. The whole thing even rotates through 360 degrees, too."

Jamie Alex Carter, TravGear.com

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G-Hold at The National Library of Scotland

We're incredibly proud to announce that readers and historians can now get their hands on a G-Hold at the National Library of Scotland. Everything published in Scotland is archived at the NLS, so as a little part of Scottish manufacturing history, we're delighted to be stocked in their shop, too. 

Head along to George IV Bridge, where you will find G-Hold alongside lots of other Scottish products as well as unique items celebrating the library's programme of exhibitions. 

National Library of Scotland
George IV Bridge

Tel: 0131 623 3700


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G-Hold named a Smart Gadget for Creatives by Coffeedential

Coffeedential, an Italian fashion and tech blog, has included G-Hold in its list of must-have smart gadgets for creatives. Alongside G-Hold, which, of course, is perfect for giving digital artists a firm, comfy grip on their device, Coffeedential has also recommended the Nomad Brush, a flexible, intuitive brush for painting and drawing on tablets, the Equil SmartPen that instantly transfers drawings on paper into digital form, and the very cool Oblige DIY sleeve, which can be customised with your own drawings and designs. 

Read the full article here and find out what gadgets Coffeedential chose in their Freetime and Office categories.


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G-Hold featured on Packaging of the World


G-Hold's packaging has been nominated for a Scottish Design Award, so Packaging of the World spoke with Adam Gourlay of Shaw Marketing and Design. Adam worked with our own inventor, Alison, to create the innovative look and function of the packaging. 

“It was important to capture the style and tone of the product and present what is a truly innovative piece of kit in an appropriately attractive way,” said Shaw designer Adam Gourlay. “This is a product that is essentially simple, elegant and effective and we wanted all of these qualities to come through in the packaging."

Read the full story here

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now read on... with G-Hold at Blackwell's

It's almost the summer holidays, and the G-Holders are planning our beach reading. I (Caroline) am hoping to finally get around to the latest Haruki Murakami book (I'm all about the colours). 

Whatever you're planning to load up on to your e-reader or tablet this summer, you'll be able to hold your device comfortably and keep it sand-free with a G-Hold, now available to buy in Blackwell's South Bridge branch. You can even match your handhold to your beach towel, thanks to our bright and beautiful Pop colours range.

Visit Blackwell's website here for more information and opening hours.

G-Hold Megastick will attach permanently to the rear of any device or case, while G-Hold Micro Suction loves smooth surfaces and can be removed and reattached without leaving a mark. However, thanks to our nifty, included compatibility sticker, you can adapt any firm, textured surface to take a Micro Suction, as well. 

Blackwell's South Bridge, 53-62 South Bridge, Edinburgh, Tel: 0131 622 8222, Edinburgh@blackwell.co.uk

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G-Hold is in The 'In' Crowd with Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter with G-Hold

What's that? Oh, it's just G-Hold gracing the hands of remarkable, Grammy Award-winning jazz singer Gregory Porter and his band, backstage at his gig in Southport last night.

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Bright is the ring of words - and so is G-Hold at the Scottish Parliament

G-Hold at the Scottish Parliament

Robert Louis Stephenson said "Bright is the ring of words," and the Scottish Parliament has certainly taken that quote to heart since the Parliament building opened over a decade ago. Now, with the addition of the G-Hold Pop range of colours to its shop, it's not just words that are bright, hands can get in on the action, too. Look out for G-Holds in yellow, pink, green and blue, as well as the new black-on-black engraved look. 

Find out more about the Scottish Parliament and how you can visit the shop at their website, www.scottish.parliament.uk

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Jules et G-Hold

Jules Audemard joins the G-Hold team

The G-Holders are delighted to welcome back Jules Audemard, who will be working with us in French-speaking and global markets for the next couple of months. Jules worked with us two years ago and we missed him while he was back in France, so it's great to have him working in our Edinburgh Watchtower with us. To contact Jules, email him in French or English on fr@g-hold.com.

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Pop: G-Hold makes its colour debut at Edinburgh's Fruitmarket Gallery

The bookshop at the prestigious Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh is the first stockist of G-Hold's new Pop colour range. The range includes G-Holds in pink, green, blue and yellow, and the Fruitmarket is also the first place to stock our new, very cool engraved G-Holds in black on black. 

The Fruitmarket Gallery has exhibited art from some of the most exciting modern artists past and present, including Turner Prize winner Martin Creed and Scots visionary Jim Lambie. Their current show, Possibilities of the Object, showcases experimental Brazilian works, many of which are from new and up-and-coming artists. 

Make sure you pop (ha ha) along and try the new G-Holds for yourself - we've even got a helping hand on display to show you how to use it. 

Visit the gallery website here for details of opening times.


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G-Hold packaging makes it to the finals of the Scottish Design Awards 2015

The Drum Scottish Design Awards

We are delighted to announce that G-Hold's packaging, designed by Shaw Marketing and Design, is a finalist in the Scottish Design Awards 2015. The prestigious awards, in conjunction with The Drum, celebrate the best of the country's design projects each year. 

The winners will be announced on the 21st May, so look out for more news coming next month.

Other nominees include: 

Here Design and Hendrick's Gin for Hendrick's Minisculinity and Hendricks Dreamscapes

Here Design and William Grant & Sons for The Balvenie 50

Pocket Rocket Creative and Douglas Laing & Co for Timorous Beastie Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Pocket Rocket Creative and Dunnet Bay Distillers for Rock Rose Scottish Gin

StudioStand and Isle of Skye Brewery for Skye Ale

Make sure you check them all out and see what good company G-Hold is keeping.

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Meet Creative Tech Gadgets, our US distributors

Mike is very hands-on with the product

Mike is very hands-on with the product

We've been really delighted to have Mike Deutsch and Steve Semler of Creative Tech Gadgets joining us on our booth at CES 2015. They will be working with US retailers of G-Hold®, including new stockist B&H Photo, Video and Pro Audio in New York City. They're also lovely guys, so come along to booth #35682 to meet them and the rest of the G-Holders.

Steve gets to grips with our Kelly iPad Mini case

Steve gets to grips with our Kelly iPad Mini case

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Scotland Baby - G-hold's very silly tribute to some seriously awesome brands

Our CEO and inventor, Alison Grieve, pays festive tribute to some great Scottish brands that have inspired Team G-Hold on their crazy journey as a Caledonian manufacturer and exporter.

Thank you to those mentioned and the many more companies that call Scotland their home.

Check out more from these amazing companies in-store or on their websites, below:

Beauty Kitchen - www.beautykitchen.co.uk

Fabhatrix - www.fabhatrix.com

Macsween - www.macsween.co.uk

Ness - www.ness.co.uk

Highland Chocolatier - www.highlandchocolatier.com

Tunnock's - www.tunnock.co.uk

Gillian Kyle - www.gilliankyle.com

Simpsons Tea - www.simpsonstea.com

SimplyFixIT - simplyfixit.co.uk

McLaren Plastics - www.mclaren-plastics.co.uk

Hebridean Jewellery - www.hebrideanjewellery.co.uk

And don't forget to support Small Business Saturday this weekend - smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com

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