G-Hold's interplanetary adventure

We can't help hearing 'Across the Universe' by the Beatles playing in our heads as we announce the launch of our newest G-Hold designs. Shoot through the Solar System and meet the Moon, Neptune and the true planet of love, Pluto with its heart-shaped dimple, before landing back on Earth. We also have Newton's Theory of Universal Gravitation, which makes all this interplanetary travel possible. 

The new G-Hold Science range is available to buy on our Shop page here, and is available to buy now in Our Dynamic Earth and the Glasgow Science Centre. 

G-Holds at Our Dynamic Earth

Posted by Caroline Whitham.

Pop: G-Hold makes its colour debut at Edinburgh's Fruitmarket Gallery

The bookshop at the prestigious Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh is the first stockist of G-Hold's new Pop colour range. The range includes G-Holds in pink, green, blue and yellow, and the Fruitmarket is also the first place to stock our new, very cool engraved G-Holds in black on black. 

The Fruitmarket Gallery has exhibited art from some of the most exciting modern artists past and present, including Turner Prize winner Martin Creed and Scots visionary Jim Lambie. Their current show, Possibilities of the Object, showcases experimental Brazilian works, many of which are from new and up-and-coming artists. 

Make sure you pop (ha ha) along and try the new G-Holds for yourself - we've even got a helping hand on display to show you how to use it. 

Visit the gallery website here for details of opening times.


Posted by Caroline Whitham.

Behind the scenes at the factory

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes at our Loanhead factory on quality control day - making sure all those G-Holds are perfect as they fly out the door.

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Micro suction and G-Hold: the inside story

Last year we came across an exciting new material that could stick things together without using glue. As Alison was building prototypes of what would become the G-Hold at the time, she wanted to try it out, and we tracked down a supplier, Futation. They specialise in cutting edge materials, and import micro suction material into Europe from manufacturers in Japan.

When Alison experimented with it and learned about its properties, she knew that we needed to produce a G-Hold that integrated this new technology. Strong enough across 111mm (the dimension of a G-Hold) to support even the heaviest tablet, and with a clean, sleek appearance, micro suction partners beautifully with our tablet grips.

To find out more about one of our favourite futuristic materials, you can read up here on Futation's dedicated material sample site. And don't forget that G-Hold Micro Suctions are available to buy at the special, reduced launch price of £18 for a limited time on eBay via our friends at StyleHAC.com - click here to get your hands on one.

Posted by Caroline Whitham.

A first look at G-Hold's new packaging

Our inventor, Alison Grieve, worked with the very wonderful Shaw Marketing and Design to create the perfect packaging for our Megastick and Micro Suction G-Holds. The clever packaging even has a hand slipping into a G-Hold on the back, which holds the whole thing together as well as demonstrating how the product is used. To find out more about Shaw and their other projects, visit their website here.

Posted by Caroline Whitham.

G-Hold has done it!

The last 42 days have been more intense than we ever could have imagined, but G-Hold's done it, with 3 days left to go. If you visit our Kickstarter page here you will see that we have reached our £10,000 goal, which means that all our lovely backers will be getting their hands on their rewards in April. 

The Kickstarter is still open for another 3 days, finishing early in the morning on Valentine's Day, so there's still time to pledge. You'll be safe in the knowledge that your innovative MegaStick, MicroSuction, Leather iPad Mini case or Leather iPad case will be winging its way to you hot off the production line.

We can't thank all of our supporters enough, as all your donations, whether of time, love, money or help, have brought us to this point. We are currently filming a video, working title 'Five Curious Ways to Celebrate a Successful Kickstarter', so look out for that coming soon.


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G-Hold is a third of the way there on Kickstarter


Just ten days into our Kickstarter campaign, we're over a third of the way to our £10,000 goal. We're really happy, and want to thank all of our nearly 80 backers who are going to be among the first to get their hands on a G-Hold of their own. Please continue to share the G-Hold Kickstarter page with your friends and contacts, and anyone you think might be in need of a better way to hold their tablet.

Posted by Caroline Whitham.