Mum serves up new tech control grip

Mum serves up new tech control grip

Edinburgh-based mother-turned inventor Alison Grieve is looking to fund her latest invention from concept to market through crowdfunding.

Grieve, who invented Safetray - a retractable and stackable grip system for serving trays - has taken the concept further with a product aimed at the tablet computer market, called G-Hold.

Loosely based on the same design concept as Safetray, the G-Hold is a retractable and rotatable device that uses micro suction material.

She has now turned to crowdfunding with a target of £10,000, to take development of G-Hold to its first manufacturing run.

The product is already 79% funded with rewards on offer including cut-price early versions of the technology.

If the crowdfunding target is met, tooling for G-Hold is expected to be completed by March 2014.

Grieve said, "It is a scary thing to enter the world of technology and crowdfunding when my original invention was more traditional in how it is funded.

"But it's been really heartwarming to receive emails and pledges from so many people who immediately get the concept."

The closing date for the funding drive is Friday, February 14.


Picture credit Paul Bancks