Five star review for G-Hold

G-Hold customer Vicky took to her blog to give G-Hold a five-star review, and we couldn't be happier.

"I wanted to try the G-Hold as I thought it would be good for disabled and/or elderly, and it hasn’t been marketed towards these groups. My hand grip is fine but for someone with arthritis in their hands or fingers this would be a godsend as your fingers won’t lock, bent. The main use I thought it would help me with is when I fall, I am always paranoid that I will drop my iPad and break it. Since having the G-Hold I have fell twice when using it and each time was able to raise my arm without paying any attention to what position the iPad was in. When I fell before I got this I had to concentrate on what was happening with my pad to make sure I didn’t  drop it or knock it into something like a door or table, but now I have more time to find something to grab onto with my free hand to prevent me falling to the ground, knowing that my iPad is safe."

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