G-Hold inventor interviewed by Wireless Dealer Magazine

CEO and inventor Alison Grieve of Safetray Products Ltd is interviewed by Michelle James from Wireless Dealer Magazine about her latest innovation, the G-Hold for tablet computers. The interview is focused on cellphones and mobiles, so Alison shows how the G-Hold could be used on an iPhone, as well as the wonders of the micro suction backing.

Michelle James: Hi, this is Michelle James with Wireless Dealer Magazine, reporting live from CES 2014, and today we have with us an inventor. We have Alison Grieve of G-Hold, and they've brought a very cool project that they are looking to crowdfund through Kickstarter. Tell us a little bit about your product.

Alison Grieve: So this is the G-Hold, it's a product that stacks completely flat so it can fit into standard cases if it's a tablet, or on to your phone. You fit it between your fingers, and then it sticks but not permanently, it can come away again, but it's very, very durable. It's got micro suction on the back of it, and it can really take quite a pounding. It can be stuck on to your phone, or it can be stuck on to the back of your tablet, and it makes it very easy to hold.

MJ: So this one piece is strong enough to hold a tablet?

AG: Absolutely, yes. Even the last two versions of the iPad, which are really quite heavy, it holds them perfectly well, it can be upside-down, it's incredible material, micro suction.

MJ: Awesome! And for our viewers, how can we find more information about G-Hold and about how your crowdfunding goes?

AG: Well, we are on Kickstarter, live right now, and there are four versions that you can get. You can either get the MegaStick, which sticks permanently on to devices, or you can get the Micro Suction version, which is this version, or you can get tablet cases. But certainly for your viewers and readers, the Micro Suction seems to be the popular one. There's an early bird version of the Micro Suction on Kickstarter for around $23.

MJ: So if I make a pledge for $23 dollars I'll be on the beta test for the product?

AG: Exactly. You would get the first production run of the G-Hold.

MJ: Excellent! Thank you so much for visiting us today.

AG: Thank you.