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Instructions on how to attach a G-Hold Micro Suction tablet holder to your device or case. Thank you for joining our mission to change the way the world holds things!

David Bowmaker - B.Sc (Physio), MSc (Sp. Sci.), M.Phty (Manip Physio), MCSP, HCPC, MMPA (Aus) Chartered Physiotherapist and Specialist in Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries at Life Fit Wellness reviews the ergonomics of tablet holder G-Hold.

Tyrone Howard, Founder of exciting new start-up, reviews his new G-Hold at CUE 2015 where he was helping out his buddies from

G-Hold ( holds hands at Sciennes Primary School in Edinburgh, Scotland. Big thanks to all the wonderful children in P7 who took part.

Alison Grieve explains how Kickstarter lets buyers fund innovative projects like our own G-Hold. See our original product, the Safetray, in the first section, then fast forward to 1.30 for the G-Hold. #5 Party Like an Animal #4 Get Down with the Kids #3 Party with a New Invention #2 Vintage Swimsuit Streak #1 Random Acts of Kindness

The G-Hold for tablet computers. We like holding hands

G Hold, made in Scotland, is a simple gadget that will save your tablet from accidents. With the G Hold you'll never lose your grip on your tablet. There are two different versions, but the G-Hold technology in each version is the same - all you have to do is pull up the handle then slip it through your fingers for a solid hold.