G-Hold® Micro Suction (Reusable) - unique handhold for iPads and other tablets

A micro suction material (we’re talking seriously out-there, futuristic stuff) G-Hold® which will stick securely onto any smooth surface (the backs of tablets, minis, readers, phones and any other device you need to grip), but can be easily removed and then re-used. Like a smooth criminal, it doesn’t leave the slightest trace that it was ever there.

Thousands of microscopic craters on the base of G-Hold create powerful suction on any clean, smooth surface when pressed firmly for 20 seconds. Compatibility stickers are included for textured surfaces. To remove and reuse, looped dental floss will break the seal.



Product Specifications

Fits on to any tablet or device with a smooth surface
Includes compatibility sticker for use on textured surfaces
Leaves no residue
Comfortable grip without hand strain
Stacks flat- fits inside most sleeves and many cases
Rotates 360° for a comfortable grip while reading, watching movies or typing

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